Colin Gregg Directs Top Gear Trail





Top Gear returns to the screens this month.  And Colin has directed a cracking trail for the show.

After the departure of ‘those three’ to Amazon – and the much heralding arrival (and subsequent departure) of Mr Evans – the show hit a rocky patch as it tried hard to re-invent itself.  This trail shows that the chemistry between the new presenters is not just working – it’s getting stronger.

Shot across two of the shortest days of the year – and in testing weather conditions – Colin has managed to combine the comedy of the old ‘milk run’ routine with the drama of the motoring sequences.  And he’s given the gag a couple of lovely twists along the way.  Matt LeBlanc obviously leads from the front.  But Chris Harris and Rory Reid put in strong performances.  The Stig?  Not so much.

Top Gear starts on February 25th on BBC2.