UnLtd was founded in 2014 in response to seismic shifts in the production world.

Our Philosophy

Back in 2014, we saw that we could use our experience, skills and contacts to help clients make projects faster and more efficiently.

Today, as things continue to change in the industry, our aim remains the same as it was when we started: helping clients and agencies get stuff made.

Now, more than ever, it’s not the size and scope of the project that matters. It’s the quality of the work and the strength of the relationships involved.

Our Experience

With decades of agency and production company experience behind him, Stephen Gash, founder of UnLtd, still follows the simple rule: ‘Do good work for like-minded people and enjoy it’. Despite the upheavals and changes in the industry, that thought is as relevant today as it ever was.

UnLtd now works across four continents, creating projects from full-blown global TVCs to Instagram stories, shooting on everything from 8K Phantoms to iPhones.

Our Roster

Our roster is kept deliberately small, but our network of contacts is wide-ranging. Which gets us UnLtd access to an UnLtd range of directing talent.

In fact, since the company started, productions at UnLtd have been helmed by more than 20 different directors, including documentary makers, TV comedy directors, movie-makers and independents.

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