Big Narstie & Wayne Holloway in The Gym? Henchness!

Big Narstie in Grime and Gym mode…

Who Wot Why’s new campaign for The Gym has just gone live.  And it’s great fun.  The Agency built an idea around famed Grime artiste Big Narstie, aimed at encouraging young people to get themselves to the gym.  Specifically – a gym in the extensive The Gym network.  The company is offering special signing up offers – with ‘no narstie surprises’.

Wayne Holloway directed the campaign, and his considerable experience in directing music and sports ‘names’ meant that Mr Narstie was relaxed thoughout the day, delivering a great performance throughout.  Interestingly, Big Narstie showed his sensitive side and provided useful insights into mental health and personal confidence for the ‘selfie generation’.

Thanks to Matt, Ali & Jack and Marissa and Nicola at Who Wot Why?  And special thanks to John and Saul at ProCam for their assistance throughout.

You can read all about the campaign here (a LinkedIn post from The Gym’s Barney Harrison) and here (an article on the campaign from The Metro).