Jack is a force of nature. Just a two minute chat with him will leave you breathless….
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Jack Spring

Jack is 23 years old. He directed his first feature aged just 19. Astonishingly, he’d have directed it when he was younger – but the investors weren’t interested. ‘Too young, not enough business experience’ they said. Realising he needed to prove a point; Jack started an inflatable hot-tub business (yes – it is a thing). Grew it. Sold it. Went back to the investors. And secured the £150k he needed. “Destination Dewsbury” (now available on a platform near you) had its theatrical release in 2019. The pandemic has meant his next film – “3 Day Millionaire” – has been delayed until (hopefully) the Summer of 2021. And there’s a further movie slated to shoot before the end of the year…..In the meantime he has a tv mini-series and a fistful of other business ventures to attend to.

Jack’s feverish desire and relentless enthusiasm fuels his work. His fast-paced, energetic ‘all you can eat’ approach to film-making and his ridiculous level of optimism are a breath of fresh air. Jack is a lifelong “Mariner” – his trips to Grimsby Town FC are a regular test of his patience….

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