One of the country’s leading TV drama Writer / Directors
I Am
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‘True Love’ – Trail
‘I Am Nicola’ – Trail
Jessie Ware ‘Remember Where You are’ – Promo

Dominic Savage

Dominic came to drama via documentary making and kids tv. The hallmark of all of his work – be it documentaries, tv dramas or features – is the extraordinary level of intimacy that Dominic is able to establish with his subjects. And when you meet Dominic, it becomes obvious just why he is able to work in this way. It’s because that’s how he is as a human being. His personable style, genuine interest in the human condition and gentle nature allows actors and ‘real’ people to drop their guard and simply be themselves.

It’s a rare gift. And one that has allowed Dominic to create some of the most memorable dramas in recent television history. His current project – the ongoing C4 ‘I Am’ stories – are a prime example of the emotional intensity and authenticity that are signatures of Dominic’s work. No stranger to advertising – he’s shot campaigns for British Gas through to BT and McDonalds – Dominic is a joy to work with. He lives in North London with his partner and three daughters.

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