Colin is one of the masters of performance comedy in advertising
The Sun – Best Man
Burger King – Moving Truck
BBC Top Gear – Trail
McDonald’s – Wind
Blackcurrant Tango – St George

Colin Gregg

Colin enjoyed a successful career in television – specializing in directing hard-hitting cop dramas, brimful of car chases and fist-fights.

He burst onto the advertising scene after directing the iconic Blackcurrant tango ‘St George’ spot for HHCL and became one of the go-to comedy performance directors in London.

A hundred or so commercials later and Colin still approaches each new project with a boyish enthusiasm – backed by a hard-bitten sense of practicalities instilled in him from his tv days. Strong casting, assured story-telling and the ability to land the gag every time have been consistent hallmarks of Colin’s work throughout his career. We can almost excuse him for being a Gooner….