Chris’s skills as a portrait photographer readily translate into the moving image
The Founder – Polpo
Kansas – Before The Cyclone
BMW – Patrick Grant
Berry Bros – Poppy Lennox
Avis – Leland Melvin
The Way I Dress / Mr Porter – Jed Lind

Chris Floyd

Chris has already carved out a very successful career as one the country’s foremost portrait photographers.

A flick through his portfolio is a chance to view some of the biggest names in British culture, fashion and entertainment. He has successfully transitioned to film-making, not least because his intimate approach and personable character allow his subjects to drop their guard in front of the camera.

As a result, Chris has been able to capture people at their most real – leading to engaging and involving story-telling. With extensive contacts with the worlds of music and fashion, Chris has more celebrity anecdotes than you can shake a stick at. He’s very discreet mind….

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