If it’s beautiful visuals and delicious looking food you’re after
Cuisine de France – Vive Les Difference
Bulmers ‘Orchard Alchemy’
Bord Bia – Lamb
Bord Bia – Origin Green
Barry’s Tea – Grand Daughter

Brian Durnin

Brian started directing ads the day he graduated from film school in Dublin. That was about twenty years ago.

Over time, his passion for food has helped Brian develop the knack of combining gorgeous photography with fresh and innovative shot-making. The food always looks delicious and the settings are stunning.

His easy-going nature – aided and abetted by his gentle Irish brogue – helps puts actors at ease in front of the camera. And Brian’s eye for detail and his conscientious approach to pre-production result in ultra-efficient shooting schedules that often cover more ground than anyone thought possible.

Brian also happens to be charming company in the pub – ask him to bring along his guitar.

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