Dominic Savage

Jesse Ware Promo

In the (very) early hours of Valentine’s Day you could have stumbled across Dominic shooting on the deserted streets of Soho.  Deserted – aside from a film crew and Gemma Arterton.  In this – the gorgeous promo for Jessie Ware’s latest release “Remember Where You Are” – the heart of London’s West End never looked more beautiful.  And – devoid of a single soul – it never looked so sad.  Dominic’s close working relationship with Arterton allows us to experience a range of emotions – tears and joy – before the film ends as dawn breaks over London and Gemma arrives at the top of Parliament Hill.
Sensitively lit by Rachel Clark, the promo was given the full Five Star treatment by David Reviews and has racked up close to half a million views on YouTube.
Meanwhile, Dominic is deep into the editing process for the new series of ‘I Am’ dramas for C4.  Going to a screen near you later in 2021.