Jack Spring Docks In Grimsby

Just before the lock-down,  Jack travelled to Grimsby to shoot a spot for some friends in the town.  They’d met Jack when he was scouting locations for his next feature – ‘Three Day Millionaire’ – and had talked about a commercial for their start-up brewery ‘Docks Beers’.  So Jack came up with the idea for this film.  The hugely talented Ruairi O’Brien offered to photograph it for him and off they went.

The result is this lovely spot – shot in two days and made for next to nothing.  Huge thanks to Ruairi and his tiny crew, to 24/7 for the gear and to Ewan and Martin at Ewanme for the help with the grade etc.

When things sort themselves out a bit in the wake of Covid-19 then Jack will be back in Grimsby to shoot his feature.  It’s fair to say that there will be a few free pints of Docks waiting for him when he gets there.