‘The Escape’ – Film Of The Week

Dominic Savage’s searing new feature opened in London this month and received brilliant reviews.  Rated as ‘Film of the Week’ by The Observer, The Evening Standard, Time Out and many more, ‘The Escape’ is one of the most powerful films Dominic has made and features an extraordinary performance from Gemma Arterton.

You can see the trailer here.

The story of ‘husband / father leaves wife / kids’ has been told on a regular basis.  In ‘The Escape’ we witness the other side of the coin – as a mother chooses to walk out on her family.  The widespread critical acclaim that the film has generated has led to a number of exciting projects being offered to Dominic.  Watch this space…..

In the meantime – here’s an example of the reviews the film has received.  Four Stars in The Guardian.