That Colin Gregg – he loves a challenge….

“Summer” on our Dorset beach…..


On a scale of production challenges, being asked to film on a British beach in November and being told to ‘make it look summery’ is right up there.  Visions of a toasty crew on one side of the camera – fully ‘North Faced’ and wearing thermals under thermals….looking at a collection of shivering artistes in beach garb on the other side, each turning increasingly blue with cold.

But Colin steered this one through, and – despite the worst that the Atlantic weather systems threw at us – the final film looks warm and sunny.  Fede Alfonzo lit the spot, Lec Park’s super skilled pilots flew the drones whilst Betsy Kelly and Roy Swansborough at Pulse handled all the agency production with dexterity and a lightness of touch.

Here’s the finished film.