20 Years on – Blackcurrant Tango Still Works Today




Remarkable as it seems, Blackcurrant Tango ‘St George’ is twenty years old.  Most things in advertising that are similarly ‘ancient’ tend to creak a bit.  In fact in most cases, they creak a lot.

And yet there’s something about Ray Gardner.  There’s something about his passionate delivery.  About the delicious way the whole idea becomes madly over the top (‘Harrier jump jets? That’ll work!’) and yet doesn’t end up with some grotesque CGI ‘Lord of the Rings’ army of supporters racing down to the cliff edge.

Colin Gregg crashed onto the scene because he directed this spot.  And the industry has never allowed it to come off his reel.  There’s an affection for it (“It’s the ad that made me want to get into the business”) that remains to this day.  The words “I’m Ray Gardner.  I drink blackcurrant Tango.  Come and get me….!” are still a battle cry all these years later.

This article from Campaign gives a 2017 perspective on the lessons that can be learned from the ad.