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Today, content goes anywhere. On any screen. In any shape, size or form. But that’s the one overriding reason why the production company you choose needs the experience, ability and flexibility to know exactly what it’s doing.

The agencies we work with rely on us for having the know-how, the know-when and the know-where to get things made on time and on budget.


Whether we’re talking TV, film, drama, comedy, documentary, online, in-house or idents, you don’t just need specialists. You need specialists who are at the top of their game. We’ve assembled many talents of every description. They get UnLtd support. You get superlative content.

Jack Spring

Jack is 21 years old.  He directed his first feature aged 19.  He would have directed it when he was younger – but no investor was interested.  ‘Too young, insufficient experience’.  Jack needed to show some hard-headed business sense.  He started an inflatable hot-tub rental business.  Grew it.  Sold it.  Went back to the investors.  And secured the £150k he needed. ‘Destination Dewsbury’ had its theatrical release in March 2019.  

This feverish desire and impatience fuels Jack’s work.  Fast paced, energetic – an ‘all you can eat’ approach to movie-making. His next feature – ‘3 Day Millionaire’ – is slated for production before the end of 2019….

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CJ Clarke

CJ was raised in Basildon and his project ‘Magic Party Place’ (reflecting his roots growing up in working class Britain) is an award winning photographic study of his hometown.   He has lived and worked in many countries – most notably a lengthy period in India – and his stills background informs much of his film work.

CJ’s moving-image work has cinematic qualities and a strong sense of story-telling whilst his calm, assured manner has been a benefit when filming in war zones and studios alike.

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Colin Gregg

Colin Gregg arrived on the London advertising scene with a bang – directing the iconic Blackcurrant Tango ‘St George’ spot for HHCL.  A hundred or so commercials later and Colin still approaches each new project with boyish enthusiasm.  Strong casting, assured story-telling and the ability to land the gag every time have been the consistent hallmarks of Colin’s work.  It’s a pleasure welcoming him to UnLtd.  Even though he’s an Arsenal fan….


Brian Durnin

Brian started directing ads when he graduated from film school in Dublin some fifteen years ago. He’s shot hundreds since and his short films have won awards in the US and Europe. Perhaps not surprisingly, Brian’s passion for food informs much of his work. Mr Durnin also happens to be charming company in the pub.


Simon Cracknell

During a career spanning ten years, Simon has developed a style of his own. His naturally relaxed and engaging personality belies a keen attention to detail – and much of his work reflects these character traits. Simon has still to be cured of the wanderlust that has seen him shoot in every corner of the globe.


Dominic Savage

Propelled into television drama with a formidable documentary making career already behind him, Dominic wrote and directed some of the most powerful stand-alone films the BBC has screened in the past 15 years. A string of awards – including two BAFTAs – followed. His ads have also won awards. If you’ve yet to witness Dominic at the piano then you’re in for a treat.


Barny Revill

Barny is the darling of the UK’s TV documentary-making community. Emerging from college with Britain’s only Science & Film-making degree, Barny has directed a succession of hugely successful series – filming in some of the least hospitable places on the planet. What he doesn’t know about getting performances from dogs and babies isn’t worth knowing.


Chris Floyd

Working on the platform of a successful career as a stills photographer, Chris has brought his skills to bear on film-making. With a natural ability to allow his subjects to drop their guard in front of the camera, Chris has been able to capture people at their most real – resulting in engaging and involving story-telling. With extensive contacts throughout the worlds of music and fashion, Chris has more celebrity stories than you can shake a stick at. He’s very discreet mind.




The industry constantly changes and you hear lots of people talking the talk. But it’s not just what they say they know. Or who they say they know. It’s about delivering. Over decades in the business, we’ve acquired vast amounts of experience on all types of projects. We’ve established enviably close relationships with suppliers. And we’ve worked with partners outside conventional commercial production. It’s this combination of being smart and being agile that sets us apart.

So, whether it’s a 30 second TVC, a 2 minute piece, a 360 VR or a package requiring all three, count on these things happening: the money will be spent wisely and the production will run smoothly.


As this showreel demonstrates we can collaborate with a range of ‘production partners’ to produce content in less traditional, less conventional ways.


The UnLtd ethos is ‘let’s get stuff made’. Talk to us to find out how we can help bring this about.

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    Just before the lock-down,  Jack travelled to Grimsby to shoot a spot for some friends in the town.  They’d met Jack when he was scouting locations for his next feature – ‘Three Day Millionaire’ – and had talked about a commercial for their start-up brewery ‘Docks Beers’.  So Jack came up with the idea for […]

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  • Dominic Savage – At The Top Of His Game

    Dominic Savage has always had a unique voice in television drama.  And these new films emphasis his point of difference.  Three hour long stories.  Each a collaboration with one of the country’s leading female actors.  Told with an uncomfortable degree of intimacy.  This is powerful stuff – difficult to watch but with performances that demand […]

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  • Big Narstie & Wayne Holloway in The Gym? Henchness!

    Who Wot Why’s new campaign for The Gym has just gone live.  And it’s great fun.  The Agency built an idea around famed Grime artiste Big Narstie, aimed at encouraging young people to get themselves to the gym.  Specifically – a gym in the extensive The Gym network.  The company is offering special signing up […]

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  • CJ Clarke – Instagram Takeover Alert…

    Just to let you know that CJ Clarke is taking over the Photographers’ Gallery Instagram feed from 30th May for the rest of the week. It’s part of their #TPGTakeovers project. So expect to see some fascinating views of suburban Britain through to beautiful portraiture in India. And everything in between… Go here to have […]

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That’s all for now. We hope we’ve answered a few of your production questions but you might want to talk more.

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